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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 433-a instructions

Instructions and Help about Form 433-a instructions

Hello Amanda Kendall with to resolve tax professionals coming to you today to walk you through how to fill out a form for 33a this is a collection information statement geared towards wage earners or self-employed individuals this form is going to be required to be used when you're dealing with the IRS and you have a revenue officer assigned to your account sometimes if you owe a large amount of money even if you're not dealing with the revenue officer this form may be a better form to fill you out because it has a little bit more information than the alternative which is a 4-3-3 F so we're going to walk through this form we're going to be filling this form out today for James and Amy Johnson now in this first section here we're only putting in the primary tax payers name which would be the first one listed on your tax return and in that case that is the husband for this instance James Johnson I'm going to enter his social security number and any employer identification number whether it belongs to the primary or the secondary taxpayer here for a self-employed individual if they have one if you are self-employed you may not have an employer identification number if you don't do not worry about that section now we're going to move into section one which is our personal information and we're going to start by entering both taxpayers names on line one a now we're going to be moving down to section one B where we are going to enter the taxpayers address you want to make sure you are not only entering the street address but also the city state and zip code as well as the county that you live in we're going to come over to phone numbers and make sure that we are entering at least one phone number for the taxpayers that we're dealing with here if you want to enter more you can then we're going to come down to 2a and you need to pick a box married or unmarried this these taxpayers are married now we're going to move over to 2b and we're going to input Anthony Johnson who is James and Amy's 12-year old son dionan section 3a is going to be for the primary taxpayer so you would re-enter James's social security number here put in his date of birth you can see that we do this without any dashes just the numbers you would put in your driver's license number in state for purposes of this form today I'm not going to be filling that out which will put us down on 3b entering Amy Johnson's social security number and date of birth and that brings us to section two of this form section two is employment information for wage earners so in this case we've already mentioned previously that James Johnson is self-employed for purposes of this form I would.

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